Still job seeking

Things are not great at the moment on the job front. I had to face two rejections within a day – one of these was after three rounds of interviews. It’s hard to just put it behind and walk into yet another interview.

Recruiters also come and go. Most of them approached me after I changed the headline on my LinkedIn to ‘seeking job opportunity in finance in Malta’. Then the communication goes like this:

Despite the fact the cv is publicly available online, they ask you to resend it. They ask you to confirm the best time to call, which is a better scenario, or meet them in person, ie invest time in chatting to them rather than looking for jobs, but ok.

Then they send you a couple of vacancies that are totally not suitable.

And they disappear.

One recruiter, from a renowned agency that even advertises at the airport, emailed me after we met, saying that the local regulator is interested in seeing me and will arrange an interview. For the past month and half I have been asking about it, receiving the same reply : ‘no response yet’.

Best one so far, were two recruiters who asked me whether I have been contacted by anyone from their companies, and when I said yes, but after sending cv there has been nothing since, they asked for cv again and never got in touch since.

There has also been an interview with a big fund administrator, which went very well until they asked me for my salary expectations. I did not want to say because I am new to the country and still don’t know what the standards are. But they cornered me and I guess my expectations were too high as once this was out there, they abruptly cut the interview and there I went. They didn’t bother letting me know that I was unsuccessful.

Another recruiter told me off for not letting her know that I have previously applied to a company. As it turned out, I applied three weeks before and unfortunately I forgot. I apologised but never heard from them either.

I understand that I am new to the country but I really hoped that prospective employers would go beyond the cv and really see what a gem I am. Bah. The worst part is that I am selling myself so hard, and just when it looks promising, it falls through. Should I have stuck with kpmg? Will my new offer be worse than the first? I am worried.

And as I am worried, I can’t really enjoy the beautiful sea and ever-amazing weather. So the summer slips away while I am shut inside and worry away.

I don’t really go swimming or climbing.

I have not made any friends yet.

Probably the worst behaviour when one is trying to settle in a new county.

I have not learned a thing about being an expat. Now I just miss my old life in London.

My boyfriend is worried too. He now suggests that I take the first offer I receive. Although practical, and I know where is he coming from, it’s not very encouraging- it basically says that he lost faith in me. This in turn makes me more worried.

Thankfully I have a decent financial backup so I am not worried on that front. If you ever consider moving abroad, bring as much money as you possibly can.

I still remember coming to the UK with £400 in my pocket, thinking I was sorted for at last the two months I intended to stay, while I had no job nor accommodation arranged.

To say this was naive is an understatement

The first two nights I slept at the Royal Horticultural Hall near Victoria station, where the coach spat me out. The single ride was £20! The night guard quickly assessed that I had nowhere to stay after a quick conversation and let me sleep in the first aid room. He then even found me a place at a hostel. £100 per week. After this I found a room quickly, but still at £50 a week so it was clear that I had to find work fast should I wish to stay in London.

With a bit of luck I found a job in a laundry and the rest is a history.


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