Parasailing and trying to not blow it

I am still stressed about jobs and unable to do much. So I was interview free and decided to do something new. Parasailing came up on my Facebook feed and I went for it.

It’s a great experience- no Adrenalin whatsoever. And the views of st Gillian were just fantastic. The guys dipped me in the sea at the end, which I found pointless but it’s fun for others to watch and there’s nothing you can do about it to stop them. I really recommend it.

On the job front it’s a little complicated at the moment.

I have two offers in hand, which I guess after just two weeks of being back from France is not bad! But like I said, salary is the issue here and I am not sure whether I should keep frustrating myself with finding something better or just get on with it and concentrate on the career.

Even the offers are different.

One is from a fund administration company, to prepare financial statements for the various funds they are in charge of. It’s something new for me, but I suspect it could get boring quickly. Also the manager is in charge of sixteen people, which reminds me of my previous boss. But the firm seems to be chilled and working hours not awful, other than at year end.

Then there is one of the Big4. Which is ironical, considering I turned down another one not so long ago. I don’t know how much will they offer yet; but I kind of know it will be less than the already low offer from the fund. But the job sounds exciting so I am hoping they will get their heads together and make the offer decent. I even told them that I am sitting on another offer. Let’s see.

I was however so disappointed by the offer by the fund that I send them an email telling them exactly that. It’s not their fault; I told the recruiter how much I had in mind and she confirmed that the potential offer would meet my expectations. The offer in my hand is 20% lower. So if anything, I will make it difficult for the recruiter in the future. The offer may be withheld and I will be left with consulting offer. Did I blow it?

Let’s see.


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