Idiot boyfriend and other surprises

I love my boyfriend, I really do. He farts more than me and burps continuously, but he is very caring.


I mean after all, he bought me a ratan egg for my birthday ! Ok, it took time to fix as it came from Homemate, the local ‘Ikea’ but it’s lovely.

However, on Friday, he went for a business meeting with his friends. He asked me to come, but I was pretty stressed and didn’t feel like facing people. Plus we go everywhere together and it’s kinda weird for me- I like my space.

So I am at home, reading the Handmaid’s Tale (I found it pretty boring, am I the only one?) when I realised that it’s midnight and there’s no news from the man who said it will be a quick business meeting.

He came at 5.30am and TOTALLY off his face. All he could say, while rocking back and forth, was ‘I am sorry but they took everything’. I knew that when drunk he was a popular target of the local police, so I assumed it was them.

As he had no keys, no wallet I assumed I had to take him to the station so I didn’t go to for the trip I have booked with the Malta Girls (ie in my effort to find new friends). I was exhausted from waiting for him all night anyway.

When he woke up at lunch time, he told me that in fact it was his buddies who hid his bag and it is safe at their home. To say I was furious does not do my feelings any justice!

So no pretty pictures of Gozo and Comino- but I have made a similar trip before so in terms of sightseeing it was not a huge loss for me. But I recommend it! My crappy picture does not represent the beauty of the lagoons and rocks very well at all!

On the job front things developed rapidly since I posted last.

Like I said, the first offer I received was a disappointment and I told the recruiter so openly. Tiny amount and a fixed contract, no, thank you. But she told this to the employer who swiftly agreed to raise the offer to my minimum expectations, ie by 17%! I anticipated the Big4 offer to be unable to match this but I held still. It was 6pm.

And thanks goodness for that! Minutes later the other offer arrived. In fact the Big4 offered the same amount but with a generous sign-on bonus, with benefits and it was an indefinite contract. Plus I fancied it more anyway.

However I have not agreed yet, as I am cheekily trying to get them to raise it. I gather that one always negotiates to show they are not desperate but I am yet to see if that was a risk I should not have taken… otherwise I will be back to employment after almost exactly two months of chilling at home.


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