The waiting game and importance of fitness

I think I fucked up. No, I don’t think so – I did.

If you are following this blog, you know now that I have had a couple of weeks, when I was attending interviews. There were some disappointments along the way, but eventually I landed two offers.

They were both ok and the role that I preferred paid more and included a sign on bonus. What’s there not to love.

But I wanted to see if I can get them to raise the offer, out of pure greediness and to show what a precious London gal I am. In the meanwhile I was reaching the deadline I was given to accept or reject the other role, which was supposed to be my leverage.

Despite confirming that they will get back to me soon, the Big4 firm left me high and dry for the day. In the end I had to reject the other offer, to much disappointment on their side. I felt bad but I set my mind on consulting such a long time ago, that I knew where my heart lies.

However, day two of waiting and nobody is coming back to me. Well, they called and I was unprepared. The line was bad and I had to repeat everything twice, which started making me really nervous. I should have gone to their office! So as much as I wanted to negotiate, I did not. So now I look like a total fool.

So much for a big London gal…

On a different note, I realised that I gained weight. I have been aware of that for a while but when I tried on a few dresses and none would fit, I felt miserable.

This is me in November 2017, when I visited Malta for the first time. I was a skinny sh** who worked out 6-7 times a week.

Whereas now I am sporting a big pouch where the once pretty lean tummy was and I gained a few kilos. This is because of the stress of moving and now that of finding job. I tried climbing, which in London I was doing 3-5 times a week. Couldn’t get into it. It’s toooooo hot to run and the local beach is hideous to go to swim.

Or these are just my excuses. I really need to get back into shape. It really is pivotal for someone who is trying to settle in a new location to feel good about themselves – how do you find a great job if you look like shit (first impressions and all). How do you find folks to hang out with if you just want to hide in your flat? How do you maintain a healthy relationship with your boyfriend when you want to do anything but get naked with them? Maybe this is why it took me so long to land an offer.

To be honest, it’s difficult to get fit when you are in a loving relationship. Seriously! My boyfriend is slightly overweight but he doesn’t care and other than telling me how fat I am, doesn’t really try to exercise at all. And we eat. Oh boy, and we drink…

But I am not a woman to whine, so I took some steps to get back into shape.

1- asked on the Facebook page I mentioned last time if there is anyone who fancies a jogging partner. I can’t do it alone, my motivation has never been great

2- signed up for climbing events with the local clubs. There are two and they are amazing. I just need to go.

3- my private little gym on our gorgeous terrace. Gym ball, skipping rope, some weights, mat and foam roller. Done!

I will let you know how is the weight loss going. Let’s hope the waiting game on this front is more dynamic!


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