Let the new chapter begin and be silly

The wait paid off. The offer was raised by eur 5k, which means my starting salary will be higher by 40% compared to that offered by the previous Big4 firm- for what seems to be exactly the same job.

So hooray!

I will be coming back to work after almost exactly two months off. I have no idea where has the time gone. Other than the little get-away in France, I have done very little. I miss bouldering. I tried to work out on the balcony but damn it was hot. I will definitely go for swim (in the sea) every day until I start working as I doubt I can do that during the weekdays and soon it will get too cold to dip a toe. I also managed to persuade a random girl from Facebook to jog with me, maybe I found myself a partner!

Exciting times.

The thing that excites me a little less is the fact that we are having guests tonight. I know them all, they work with my boyfriend. But they are not exactly people I would hang out with, so I find it difficult to strike a conversation. I will employ the technique my ex taught me : ask as many questions about them, people love to talk about themselves! I guess I need to practice this a lot now, as I will be meeting a lot of new people now, whether I like it or not. I must be the strangest expat ever- having to network but failing, miserably.

The thing I don’t fail at is being silly, for sure.

I am known to be terrible with flowers, my housemates back in London took over all my plants as they would die otherwise.

But in the attempt to liven up our place I have bought a few – three indoor cacti, two outdoor and an aloe vera plant. Yes, all cacti and for a good reason. One would have thought that if they can live here in the wild, surely they can survive my attempts on being a plant keeper? Oh, I tell a lie, I also bought a dracana, supposedly a very easy-to-maintain plant. It looks like it’s withering. Surely it’s just because it’s autumn.

Anyway, the outdoor cacti came from a local grower, who put them in funky pots and boxes. The one in the biscuit box didn’t look particularly great, so the silly me gave it a make-over. With nail varnish. A lot of it.

What do you think?


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