Operation Fame and Cacti

I have received the contract and surprisingly it does not contain any weird non-compete clauses or any other crap. The relocation allowance will have to be repaid if I leave within two years, which I found in order.

So I thought it was fair to admit to myself that indeed the job is there and I am starting on Monday. After almost exactly two months of chilling at home. And my feelings are mixed.

Of course I am super excited. But on the other hand, I have become a bit lazy- not just during this long holiday, but at the Bank generally, so I really wonder how I will be able to keep up with the dynamics of a consulting job? My ex worked for a Big4 in London and I could see it was a demanding one. Also, it appears to be a male dominated company, so the competition can also be more intense.

I announced the news on LinkedIn and amazingly enough, all of the managers who interviewed me actually connected with me and either commented or messaged me saying how they are looking forward to working with me. I found that fantastic and encouraging.

Now, I have renamed this blog. It took me a while to come up with a name but ‘expatpraguelondonmalta.wordpress.com’ is just too long. I named it cacti expat because I love cacti and in my new home I have quite a few now.

And I am a kinda cactus personality. You know, the one who can survive the harshest of environments.

Today I decided to give them all a bit of a makeover, ie re-pot them.

After a trip to a garden store, €60 lighter, I came back with some pots and outer pots and after the sun came down I got the job done. It’s not funny to move them from a pot to pot (no prize for guessing why) so I was using my bbq tongs. Still got a few spines stuck in my fingers.

Pretty pleased with the result though! Let’s hope they grow!


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