World clean up day and turning drama into comedy

Yesterday was the world clean up day and across Malta there were many initiatives to get involved in. My climbing club was cleaning up the area known as Weid Babu.

While I snuggled up and snoozed with my boyfriend.

I felt bad but then it is my last weekend before going back to work. I did not climb again. I did not go for run with the random girl from Facebook and I didn’t even stretch on the terrace.

I did however complain to my boyfriend that we don’t do anything cultural at all and he told me to find something.

I found Aida. Did I say I have been to very few operas in my life?

It was a great performance and we weren’t sleeping at all. I said who falls asleep pays the dinner. Perhaps that did the trick.

The performance would perhaps be more amazing if it was not the open air theatre in Valletta.

And if it was not the gay pride night

And if there was not another saint’s parade

Or if there were not endless fireworks towards the end of the performance.

At the end, the old man sitting next to me said that it is now comical. We were giggling.

This is Malta


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