The first week of being an consultant

So I started my new job. Ok, in fact I am just going to the office and finding out about what others do. I am doing some trainings and that was it for the week. It did help that the week was only four days long. I miss my long holiday and my freedom to do whatever I want. That’s not much, by the way.

Let me tell you, walking half an hour to the office and back takes it out of you. It’s still warm and by the time I get to the office I am stewed in my own juices. Eww.

Oh how I miss seeing the St. Paul’s cathedral from my office window. All I see now is a high road and a lot of boring houses. My choice. There is nowhere around there to buy a lunch so everyone brings a prepackaged one. It’s kind of comical. But it saves money too so perhaps I found a way to be economical.

And I am expected to sell. Hell yeah. They clearly think that coming from a large (from their perspective ) bank, I must be a banking wizard and that I will come in and sell – preferably my skin away. I will stick to my trainings for as long as I can.

Oh and my cactus obsession continues. I just bought a new pot for one of the big boys – how will I re-pot it is still beyond my comprehension !- transformed it from boring grey to partly blue. It looks semi decent. Flowers are currently my biggest expenditure – I am clearly over 30.

And on Friday it was the Maltese Independence Day so on Thursday they made us a tradicional Maltese breakfast- I gotta give it to them, the pastizzi was legendary. This is the first time ever that I found hr to be useful in any way!

On the sports side I have moved on I think. I have been walking every day (in total at least an hour, that is when I don’t get lost) and I persuaded a girl from Facebook to come jogging with me too. She was extremely un-fit (I don’t want to be disrespectful) and only managed a walk. Oh well. One of my managers is trying to rope me into running a half marathon in February, so I have lots of catching up to do. I also went for a climb with another random girl- I am ever so thankful for Facebook in this life – and she was good. She was in fact so much better then me. I could never get past the bolt that I was clipped in. Damn. I felt like crying but thankfully I cannot do so in front of others so I just kept belaying and sulking. Sad times. But who knows, if I get down a grade and just keep on trying, perhaps it will help.

I also enquired about membership in a gym close to work. I did not go but it is on my mind now!


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