World class job in a cave

So I am am employed by one of the worlds leading consulting firms. It feels good when people congratulate me on the achievement but there is no such hype in the office.

For example, the whole induction process. There was absolutely no fun fair about it-come, fill in the paperwork, get your laptop and off you go to your desk.

Oh, I was shown the car park.

I don’t drive.

And so I thought perhaps the induction program will take place on a different day.

It won’t.

I was given a large amount of compulsory training, which is probably the only thing that reminds me the corporate world of London. But there is no way to trace my progress, unless I click through every single link and match it against the certificates.

There are no responses to help desk requests from myself go unnoticed. Same goes for HR questions. It really feels like I started working in a cave.

And a cave that is really cut off. My ex worked for another Big4 firm, but in London. And I in fact visits them all while there on various occasions. My little office has absolutely nothing on them.

The only thing I like about it are the cacti that grow nearby – just like this one (this is not near the office, that would be too nice)

Otherwise we are on a bypass very far away from any town. So one has to always bring their own lunch – saves money I guess. In fact I have not spent a penny (err cent!) today, since I also walk to work.

Which is nice, but it is half an hour long. I don’t have any alternatives- I can’t drive, can’t get a licence thanks to Maltese anti-EU local ID requirement, and implementing a bus journey into the itinerary would make the journey only five minute quicker- by being on the bus for just five minutes. But I really don’t know what I will do when the rainy season comes in winter or even when it gets hot in summer.

But I am sure I will like the job. Once I start actually working.

I will.


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