A not so glorious milestone and eating a dick

It was cool to be in the office and to do nothing. Other than trainings. Online, that is. Lots of courses and exams – needless to say, over the past two months my brain turned into a jelly so it was nice to start slowly.

But as always with me, after a few days I got bored of that. I wanted to get my teeth stuck into something and just get on with it. Show them what I am worth. So last night I spoke to my manager and told her that I am really bored and want real work to do. I said it as nicely as possible but I think she got the message. Immediately.

When I talked to my colleagues one to one, they all said they had work for me but when my manager organised a meeting (manager’s meeting that I am part of, see!), they all kept quiet!

My ‘buddy’, one of the more senior guys (they are all men), asked me to work for him on IFRS9. So I thought ‘something I know well’ but when he handed the work over, he basically asked me for some bullshit to do. And there were mistakes. Err.

So my first assignment is a work that’s worth maybe an intern. Good start! But regardless, I will work on it and do my best. After all, it’s my first assignment, the founding stone of my career at the firm.

And my boyfriend just forwarded me a picture that he took a few days ago. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t publish it.

See, I am quite predictable when it comes to ordering food so I wanted to shock my boyfriend and ordered a seafood that normally comes in a very different shape.

Needless to say, I was not impressed.

Does it not look like a swollen dick to you?


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