Bureaucracy at it’s best

I guess my past few posts were not exactly optimistic for someone who just started a new job. So if you are not in a mood for a moan, look away now. But this is the true picture of the state of affairs now, and if you were to move abroad, you will have to deal with this.

So, I don’t have a Maltese bank account. Local banks require a Maltese ID card as part of the on-boarding process. Which is against the EU convention as they are supposed to offer at least the most basic bank account but if you don’t know that (like me when I went to apply), they will send you away.

And the ID I did not apply for because I thought that I have to be in Malta for three months before applying- turned out it’s not true either. And information is really hard to come by. One of the girls I know goes to the Identity Malta office (which processes the applications) every year to extend her visa said that there are only six people working and at 6am there are already one hundred people waiting. Bliss.

And different people say different things too. My boss said that our HR would do this for me, but HR said no. I guess she is a partner and gets a different treatment. So I will have to go because the nuisance for ID card is ever present. Even to apply for a driving licence one has to have it, darn.

But when I say HR, it’s a whole new chapter. I started working two weeks ago, but they have not sent my ‘job plus application’, which I understand is a registration of my employment with the government. And I need This confirmation to apply for the ID card. When I say bureaucracy, I mean it.

And HR do not do their job – example? Well, as I said above, I don’t have a Euro bank account so I gave them (those two weeks ago) my boyfriend’s Revolution bank details. Since nobody said anything, I assumed my salary will be coming into the account. And instead on Friday I received an email that I should go and pick up my cheque. When I said it was outrageous, the lady responded with ‘I thought HR told you’. I got really annoyed, and that is a very nice way to put into words how I felt.

So I need to go and cash it into my boyfriend’s account at Bank of Valletta, the local biggest bank. P.s. it’s tiny. For that I will have to join the huge queue I have seen every month at banks. Weirdest thing ever. Or perhaps the most backward. No wonder that the combined balance sheet of all banks in Malta is barely thirty billion euros (which is about half of my ex-employer).

And on Saturday I went to a climbing event organised by our club. I was collecting disclaimers and money, and it was a fantastic day. Finally the Medicane (Mediterranean hurricane) that was destroying ships and bringing bad weather, has gone and it was a glorious day.

But did I climb?


I spoke to the organiser about the fear I have been feeling and he gave me some helpful advice. I just need to start climbing lower level and train harder. But for that I should stop being so lazy. I met some people who are looking for partners, so hopefully I will get back into it.


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