Indian adventures

I have been quiet for a long time. I felt that my blog does not get the attention it deserves and I got simply fed up. The truth however is that I am not really writing anything worth reading… in the end, this really is just a pile of crap that I am writing majorly for myself.

Anyway, I just got back from India. Lots happened!

India is the place of a lot of very special memories for me.

For one, it was the first big trip outside of Europe (and in general) for me exactly ten years ago.

It is where I got married those ten years ago. I learnt punjabi, watched a lot of bolly movies and learned to cook Indian food. I spent three months in the middle of nowhere and went through a wedding ceremony I didn’t understand all since nobody really spoke English.

It was a beautiful part of my life as much as it was terrifying.

My own wedding cake almost killed me – I got a diarrhoea so bad that by the time the doctor got to me he was unable to measure my heartbeat – he had to inject me with adrenaline for days to get me back up.

I guess it was a sign – the marriage lasted just over a year.

I went to having more relationships with men of Indian descent but never an Indian who was born in India. Hence never the need to visit India.

My current boyfriend was born in Mumbai and as his 40th birthday I arranged a trip for us to visit the orphanage he was born into. He was adopted into a French family when he was less than a year old so other than looks there is nothing Indian about him.

I like it that way.

Before going to India though we spent Xmas with his family – on his surprise birthday party I was introduced to his family, which was almost the size of an average Indian one.

It was terrifying.

So Mumbai was supposed to be a break from people.

In a country of 1.3bn people.

In a city of 25 million people.

And this man decided to propose to me there! I am engaged !

We managed to visit Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi in a week. Literally a flying visit – quite enough for us – for all the pollution and noise and general hustle and bustle.

At the moment I am not enjoying work so not very excited to go back to office even after two weeks off. What to do?!?


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