That’s a wrap

Like I said in my previous post, I have been a little discouraged with how little traffic my blog was generating and I basically gave up on it. But not entirely – I started writing it as a new way to keep my diary (which I have been keeping for almost two decades with breaks), so I still get spurs of keenness.

The biggest news here in Malta is that I have left my company. In my previous post I mentioned that I am not really happy – I was already interviewing. Deloitte has kept me sitting on my ass for over four months, no developments made, I was just endlessly being asked to be patient and that something will happen. Indeed, very vague. The ship might as well sink!

I was really unsure whether I should leave or not as I knew it won’t look good if I last only a few months. However, imagine waiting around for so long and get asked to wait some more – but then, once you pass your probation, you will be forced to served a notice period of three months. That is a huge price for someone who is unhappy!

I think the decision point was when my boss was not able to tell me why I was assigned the position of an assistant manager (rather than a manager); despite me pointing out that there are senior managers who clearly have less experience than me and definitely from smaller organisations. He couldn’t answer; and he could definitely not tell what was I expected to do so that I got to the level I wanted. Not a great sign.

On top of all that the boss is retiring and very clearly is not giving two fucks about the department, which is crumbling under his hands. Successor was not named up until the day I announced my resignation too (coincidence?), and that is not very reassuring for someone who has been bored to death for so long.

Worse yet was the fact that I was working on a shitty project where the manager run it into the ground and it was very clear nobody wanted to do anything about it. When I requested a ‘post-mortem’, it got arranged a month after the project ended. And only to patch things up between me and the ‘manager’ (more like mis-manager).


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