About me

Sadly, I am over thirty now.

I am an accountant, ACCA. Boring as it sounds.

To spice it up, I have decided to venture into risk consulting at one of the Big4 and to move to a different country with a guy. Lots of changes as a consequence of one decision!

I have been keeping a diary for a while now. Years in fact. It’s getting shorter and shorter and I started doubting my writing skills. Hence the free blog. In case I abandon it. Perhaps writing something that has a purpose will keep me going.

I looooove climbing. But I had a bad fall and I have not been able to climb hard anymore, as I get freaked out. It really frustrates me. As well as the fact that I have stopped running and sports in general.

I also enjoy travelling. Who doesn’t.

I have a few cacti and I love looking after them and prettifying them. Lots of posts include some mention of my gardening pursuits.

I have nobody here in Malta other than my boyfriend. I am highly solitary which does not help in making friends.

But this is the second time round I am starting my life afresh and I am inviting you to share the journey with me.