I have travelled a fair bit and I want to share some pics and experiences here.

Currently in no particular order.

FRANCE – Normandy and Brittany

(August 2018)

What a change to Malta – cool weather with rain, amazing food and just the charm of everything French (on top of the food)


(February 2017)

One of the trip where you wonder what the fuck – my boyfriend had a chest infection and behaved like a complete asshole, we got lost in the middle of a jungle where I almost stepped on a huge snake… but wonderful country- I really recommend a trip to the Perhentian Island. If you are not afraid of 30 minutes boat ride over huge waves.


(August 2016)

This was a one day stop over from Guyana to the UK. When you compare the pictures, you can see why it was so appreciated to see this kind of sea side!

We hired a local taxi for the day, and he took us all around the island. I forgot my backpack with my long trousers and jumper (the only ones) in his taxi so I was totally freezing on the overnight flight to London.

GUYANA (the British one)

(August 2016)

From the little I have seen, it is a pretty country, if really simple. I was staying with my friend and her family, and indeed it was an experience I will never forget.


(August 2016)

A day trip from Guyana and it was well wort it. The countries are neighbours, but worlds apart in terms of development and Suriname is winning.


(March 2016)

Probably my favourite place on Earth yet. Just so lush, be it the jungle or the incredibly rich sea life in the clearest water I have ever seen.

MOROCCO – Marrakesh

(January 2017)

Pretty rough there, but such an amazing experience.